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Working from Home is Ideal for Moms (NOT!)

People often ask me how I manage work-life balance when I’m working from home with little children demanding attention. I have no idea, because when I started working from home my kids were already teenagers so I didn’t have to deal with that kind of situation. However, my friend Chiquita Elaine who has two adorable little children kindly shared her days as a freelance translator. Here are some of her stories.

When you work from home, simple things such as making a phone call with your client can be tricky. Can you imagine making an important call with the sound of children babbling/crying/fighting in the background? So, I usually go upstairs and lock myself in the bedroom when taking a call, after making deadly threats to my kids, of course.  I once told my kids that they are strictly not allowed to follow me upstairs when I’m in a call, unless someone is dying.

This backfired spectacularly when my then 6-year old boy banged the door with all his might, screaming “Moooom, I’m soooo huuuuungry, I’m dyiiiiing. Are you done yet? How many more minutes?”

My instruction has become more and more specific over time. I once told them that unless a) someone is bleeding or b) there is a fire, they have to stay put. To which my son answered, “What if someone gets electrocuted?”

This is captured from Elaine’s video. The fact that she managed to record this shows that this is a regular occurrence. Hats off to Elaine!

My 6-year old slammed the door yelling, “I HATE your clients! Why can’t you stop having more and more clients?” and she ended up crying in her room for more than half an hour, while I still have 3 more IPOs and 2 80-page-ish agreements to juggle.

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but I hope my kids can one day understand that I work hard for them, and yes, for my self-esteem and sanity as well. There is a sense of satisfaction that money can’t buy when you do your job well or when your clients are happy and feel that you are helping them.

Yes, it is not always rainbows and butterflies but it sure is a joyride and I’m loving every second of it!

D2: Mom, I think we have to go on a holiday.
Me: I know, honey. But I’m swamped right now. Let’s wait until I don’t have too much work to do, OK?

long silence…..

D2: I know, just bring your laptop. You can borrow Daddy’s internet, and you can work on the plane, or in the hotel room. Or we can find a Starbucks. It has wi-fi, right? And I can play or swim with Darrel and Daddy, you know. So can we go next week?

Do you have hilarious stories about working from home with little ones nagging you but you heroically managed to complete the task on time with unrivaled quality? Please share them with me in the comment.

7 tanggapan untuk “Working from Home is Ideal for Moms (NOT!)”

  1. Wah banyak sekali aksi anakku di rumah kalau mamaknya pegang laptop. Mulai dari ikut mencet laptop. Yes bayi kecil ini pintar sekali, dia geret kursi ke dekat meja dan nimbrung mencet keyboard lapyop. Nangis keras-keras karena tidak diperhatikan, dan ujungnyaminta nenen tiap kali ibunya pegang laptop. 😂😂

    Ya sudah dinikmatin saja, karena saya bisa gila kalau tidak bekerja ternyata.

  2. I don’t work at home, but I bring my youngest to work when she was still breastfeeding. Once when she was around 13 months old, just started to toddle and babble, I worked for a women issue NGO and I brought her along with her Nanny. I told the Nanny the room I was working and tell her to come during coffee break for breastfeeding session. But the event ran late and it was 10 minutes late when my daugther toddled into the meeting room, because the door was open. She walked right into the middle of the room and called, “Amiiih, amiih!”

    Needless to say that the meeting was adjourned right away. The chair of the meeting scooped my baby, exclaiming, “Oh my, I didn’t know we have such a young participant!” and started playing with her while I tangled with my headsets and microphone to get the her as soon as possible and gave my apologies.

    Thank God it was a women issue NGO and they adored kids. I can’t image if it wasn’t.

    1. OMG, Mi! This is hilarious. HAHAHA. Bless the chair person. And this was waaay before the-kid-who-interrupted-dady’s-online-interview incident.

  3. I work outside home and sometimes I bring my work home. Yes it is difficult to concentrate when I am working at home because my two preschool boys try to get my attention all the time. It’s getting worse when they are fighting and punching each other until one of them is screaming and the other is crying.

  4. Hello Mba Dina, I have been following your blog several months by now. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you.
    Anyway, it keeps bugging me…”two little adorable children” or “two adorable little children”? Or did you intentionally arrange them in such order? Thanks in advance

    Warm regards,

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