Kisah kawan

Aksi Juru Bahasa

Ibu Indra Blanquita dan mas Adhi Ariebowo bertugas menjadi juru bahasa dalam sebuah pelatihan. Kita simak, yuk, seperti apa aksinya.


My observations so far (in consecutive interpretation):

1. Every speaker is different and has his/her own preferences.
This one doesn’t really wish for everything to be translated, because most of the participants understand English. So I play it by ear and by facial expressions. When the participants are nodding and listening attentively, I remain quiet. But when the trainer goes into idioms or uses unusual terms, or goes into long explanations, I see some blank faces turning towards me … that’s when I jump in with my translations. So you really have to be on your toes, literally and figuratively speaking.

2. “Thank you for the fluidity of your translations. I really appreciate it,” said the Trainer. I never really thought about it … but that fluidity is apparently important, especially in long training sessions. It is that split second when he has finished speaking and just about to catch his breath, when you come in with your translation. So there are no prolonged pauses and everything is fluid ….

Hmmmmmm ….. you never stop learning no matter how long you’ve been at it.

As the Trainer is speaking. I am looking around …. any blank expression is an indication they do not understand, so I must translate, sometimes interrupting the Trainer … the participants are more my concern than the Trainer, because I am there for them ……

Foto: Indra Blanquita

It is Adhi’s turn to torture his legs ….. sometimes we stand away from the Trainer so as not to block the participants’ view of the screen ….. but when a participant comments or asks a question in Bahasa Indonesia, we run to the Trainer to whisper the translation simultaneously ….. exhausting? Tell me about it!!

Foto: Indra Blanquita

The Trainer and the Interpreters …. in the bakery kitchen testing the products ….. we tried to make bread …. and got the apron as a souvenir …. see why I love my job?? 

Adhi, Trainer, Indra.

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