The X-files, Trust No One episode

Scully is hopeful about reuniting with Mulder when a complete stranger offers new information about what drove him into hiding. Yet her trust in the stranger may place Mulder in even more danger.Writers: Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz, director: Tony Wharmby, original air date January 6, 2002.

Guest starring: Terry O’Quinn as Shadow Man, Allison Smith as Patti, Kathryn Joosten as Agent Edie Boal.


The most relaxing to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon is to watch your favourite DVD at home with a cup of hot drink. Last Sunday I watched ‘Trust No 1’ from the old X-files TV series.

This is my favourite X-files episode ever. I always wanted Mulder and Scully to get together. Even though they were not seen together ‘together’ like in the two finale episodes, this was when both of them confessed their feelings – through email. Mulder was ‘Uncertain of my ability to live like this…’ and Scully was ‘physically shaking seeing your words. Wishing it were you speaking them to me.’ (Oooooh!)

I always touched by Scully’s message for her son, William, at the beginning of the film:

‘One day you’ll ask me to speak of the truth… of the miracle of your birth; to explain what is unexplained. And, if I falter or fail on this day know there is an answer, my child… a secret, imperishable truth.. but one you may never hope to find alone.Chance meeting your perfect other.. your perfect opposite… your protector and endangerer… Chance embarking with this other on the greatest journeys – a search for truths, fugitive and imponderable. If one day this chance may befall you, my son, do not fail to seize it. The truths are out there.

And if one day you sould behold a miracle, as I have in you, you will learn the truth is not found in science or on some unseen plane but by looking into your own heart … and in that moment you’ll be blessed … and stricken. For the trusest truths are what hold us together or keep us painfully, desperately apart.’

14 Mei 2007

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