The President’s daughter

The President's Daughter by Jack Higgins
The President’s Daughter

Writer: Jack Higgins
Series: Sean Dillon
Format: Paperback

A brave young American in Vietnam saved the life of a Frenchwoman whose husband was presumably dead. The 2 had an affair which ended abruptly when the lovers discovered that her husband was alive after all. Now, 20 years later, the young man has become the President of the United States and has discovered that he had a daughter with the Frenchwoman. But a group of terrorists has also learned of the girl’s relationship to the president, and when they seize her and hold her at ransom, the president faces the most momentous decision in his career – and his life. Only Sean Dillon, former IRA enforcer and now British operative, and FBI agent Blake Johnson have the president’s confidence and can save the daughter he never knew.

Most girls attracted to bad boys character but they always bring home the good guys. I’m no different, that’s why I love Jack Higgins’ Sean Dillon character.

In this story, Dillon, an ex IRA enforcer who has gone good saved the day… again.

He killed with ease and not because he’s damn good but I think it’s because Higgins didn’t give him enough challenge. Why, ofcourse it’s only 304 pages – what can you epect? He had to put together some IRA thugs, some illegal treders and former Israelis soldier for Dillon to fight and some ruthless smugglers to work with. As if the book wasn’t crowded enough, he garnished a little romance on it.

This book is better read in a hot day because there’s rain everywhere except for when the Countess got kidnapped.

4 April 2007

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