[review] False Impression

False ImpressionFalse Impression by Jeffrey Archer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jeffery Archer is one of my favourite author. I bought my latest novel, False Impression, at the Kinokuniya, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur (it’s paperback and was on 20% off :)). As most of his novels, it’s really enjoyable.

False Impression
False Impression, by Jeffrey Archer

I was hooked by the summary that describes a senior FBI agent (boy, I just love the Feds stories) who is trying to work out the connection between seven apparently innocent individuals who were involved in separate bizarre events. The setting is New York. The date was 9/11. The story involves a photographic-memory young woman (gosh, there’re so many people gifted with photographic memory in fiction), a cold blooded murderer woman and two aristocrat English women – one dead and one alive. There are Just when I thought the story ended Archer let loose the danger and keep me wondering whether my hero would survive. I kept on turning the page so fast and almost missed the ending.

This is a book that certainly will entertain me again in the future.


Why was an elegant lady BRUTALLY MURDERED the night before 9/11?

Why was a successful New York banker not surprised to receive A WOMAN’S LEFT EAR in the mail?

Why did a young woman with a brilliant career steal an IMPRESSIONIST PAINTING?

Why was an honors graduate working as a temporary secretary after INHERITING A FORTUNE?

Why was a SENIOR FBI AGENT trying to work out the connection between these four apparently innocent individuals?

A breathtaking journey of twists and turns from New York to London, from Bucharest and on to Tokyo ends up in a sleepy English village where the mystery surrounding Van Gogh’s last painting will finally be resolved.

10 Maret 2007

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